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Morning Consult (opinion): Elevating Clean Energy Policy and Advocacy During Midterm Elections

Posted by Dylan Reed, Charles Hernick, Lisa Jacobson on Jul 13, 2018

This Morning Consult op-ed highlights the start of National Clean Energy Week this September. The piece was written by Charles Hernick, Lisa Jacobson, and AEE's Head of Congressional Affairs Dylan Reed. Link to the full piece here. Excerpts Below:

National Clean Energy Week offers an unparalleled opportunity for state and federal officials to discuss their policy records and how clean energy is yielding tangible results when it comes to job creation, technical innovation and lower emissions by energy producers.

In 2017, the inaugural celebration of NCEW included a broad coalition representing various domestic energy sectors. From renewable energy, carbon capture and energy efficiency advocates to proponents of energy storage, natural gas and nuclear energy, NCEW served as a high-profile convener of industry priorities. Adding more voices to the discussion complements the ongoing transformation of the U.S. energy sector, which has continued to accelerate throughout 2017 and into 2018, in spite of new headwinds including policy uncertainties.

That’s great news for clean energy industries, our nation’s energy security and the environment, but it is also benefiting consumers on an unprecedented scale. In 2017, consumers devoted a smaller share of their spending toward electricity than at any time ever recorded, while the total share of household expenses dedicated to overall energy costs remained near an all-time low. Power and natural gas prices stayed reasonable across the country, and contract prices for wind and solar continued to drop steadily as the marketplace for these resources matures.

There is every reason to believe these trends will continue throughout 2018 and beyond as utilities and independent developers continue to invest in infrastructure to improve grid operations and support the growth of clean energy. Yet, there remains much work to do.

Link to the full MC op-ed here.

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