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Noesis Survey Reveals Constraint In Untapped Efficiency Market

Posted by Industry News on Aug 21, 2013

Noesis Survey Reveals Constraint In Untapped Efficiency Market   

August 21, 2013 // Greentech Media

Noesis Energy, a Texas-based startup that has received $12.5 million in funding from investors since launching, has released a survey unveiling key financing issues in the energy efficiency market. The company offers a free virtual auditing tool that allows building owners and managers to monitor and analyze energy consumption. The survey was sent out to the platform’s thousands of users regarding how they originate energy efficiency projects. The results of the survey suggest that if there were better access to third-party financing, that the energy efficiency market could be much larger than it is today.

"Projects often aren't getting approved because of lack of budget -- and that goes back to the lack of financing options. These findings supported our hypothesis about the demand for third-party financing on the project side," said Noesis VP of marketing Dave Jaros.