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Ohio LTE: This is Not the 1950's

Posted by Carole Daley on May 31, 2019

The Lima News published this letter to the editor urging citizens to contact Ohio state senator Matt Huffman (District 12) to weigh in against HB6 which would gut renewable and energy efficiency programs while subsidizing aging nuclear and coal plants. The author quotes Ohio AEE president Ted Ford on the impact to consumers. See excerpts of letter below and in its entirety online here.

Ohio’s House of Representatives gutted programs that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, while shoring up the aging nuclear and two coal fired plants built in 1955, claiming to reduce payment for consumers. Both nuclear and coal fired have been failing due to the country moving toward clean energy...

...Trump, the federal and state Republicans appear to be doing everything to take us back to the 50s, while rewarding the coal industry and other big businesses... 

Ted Ford, president of Ohio AEE.Ohio states: “This bill is nowhere close to being a comprehensive approach to Ohio’s energy future in the best interest of consumers. Instead it significantly increases rates on all consumers... ($300 million annually)... directs nearly $180 million of hard-earned ratepayer dollars into the coffers of FirstEnergy Solutions,”

Does anyone in Ohio Senate District 12 Counties care? Write Matt Huffman before June 30.

Read the entire LTE here.

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