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Wall Street Journal: Federal Regulators Rule Against Trump Administration on Power Plants

Posted by Tim Puko on Jan 8, 2018
AEE's Malcolm Woolf is quoted in this story reporting FERC "rebuffs" Dept. of Energy Sec. Perry's "plan to aid coal-fired and nuclear power plants," declining to move forward on his proposed grid resiliency rule and instead opens a new 90-day proceeding for input from grid operators and other stakeholders.

“We commend the FERC commissioners for rejecting an unwarranted bailout of uneconomic power plants in order to solve a problem that doesn’t exist," said Malcolm Woolf, who oversees policy at Advanced Energy Economy, a trade group representing business consumers.

Puko reported "The five-member Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled unanimously that the administration hadn’t provided enough evidence that the measures proposed were needed. The commissioners—including four Trump administration nominees, three of them Republicans—said the government hadn’t provided adequate justification for changing the rules currently governing competitive electricity markets and that the proposal would have unfairly limited competition. 'In addition, the extensive comments submitted by [the country’s grid operators] do not point to any past or planned generator retirements that may be a threat to grid resilience,' FERC’s order said."

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here (subscription req.). It also appeared in print on Jan. 9 (front page).


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