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WISHTV News: Tuesday's Business Headlines – Clean Energy (Jobs)

Posted by WISH TV News 8 Staff on Aug 27, 2019

WISHTV News 8 led with highlights from AEE's 2019 Indiana Advanced Energy Jobs Fact Sheet in their "Tuesday Business Headlines" lineup. Read excerpts below and watch or read the entire WISHTV News 8 piece here. 

The Indiana Advanced Energy Economy group says the number of clean energy jobs in 2018 increased four times higher than the state’s overall jobs growth of 1%. The report adds that more Hoosiers work in green energy jobs than those who work in auto parts manufacturing.

The national AEE office says of all the clean energy-related jobs in Indiana, the advanced vehicle category represents 19% of the jobs, which also had the largest growth rate.

Read or watch the entire WISHTV News 8 piece here. 

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